Thousands of unique humans worldwide, have activated the Kundi Club Dance Floors over the years, with flair, open heartedness and wildness. We have created so many sweet memories as a Kundi Tribe and its time for more!

Kundi Club is a 3 hour immersion into Ceremony, Ritual Theatre, Kundi Yoga, Kundi Dance with Live Dj, Meditation and Sound Healing. There will be complimentary food platters and socializing at the end of each journey. There will be a face painting area where you are encouraged to paint each others faces, and get in the Spirit of Kundi Club!

The Kundi Club is a special group of solid and embodied Space Holders, who love each other and trust each eachother, weaving their gifts effortlessly into the most amazing, ecstatic journey.

The Kundi Club and the Promo Shoot was organized in the space of 5 Hours, with each person who I asked to join the team, saying "HELLS YES!!!!”

There is an eagerness in the air, to Reunite, Heal, Grow, Laugh, Cry, Howl, Paint, Express, Roll, Connect, Meet New People, Unleash on the Dancefloor and do the old 'Sniff Sniff (Squeeze)……. HAAAA!! (Release)’ LOL!!! (For newbies- you’ll play with this double sniff breath during the Kundi Clubs and it will all make sense!!)

Kundalini Dance is a tantric, shamanic healing practice, with breath, sound and movement, to cleanse your chakras, feel WHOLE and feel ALIVE!! (More info and testimonials- https://www.hayleymelrose.com/kundalini-dance/)

The Kundi Club Series will be at Greenwich Sailing Club on the water, to spice up your Winter. These 3 Epic Kundi Clubs, spaced over 3 Weeks, will be the highlight of your year! 



Kundi ‘Jungle’- 6.45pm till 9.45pm- Thursday 15 July 2021 (Root Chakra- A primal, tribal, earthy, trust building, grounding start! Jungle Outfits- go for it! Have fun with it!)

Kundi ‘Exotic’- 6.45pm till 9.45pm- Thursday 22 July 2021 (Sacral, Solar, Heart Chakras- Exploring Water, Fire and The Air Element, this will be a transformational celebration of sensuality and love. ‘Exotic' Outfits Encouraged.)

Kundi ‘Magic’- 6.45pm till 9.45pm- Thursday 29 July 2021 (Throat, 3rd Eye, Crown Chakras. Balancing Outward Expression in the Throat, Diving Inward with the 3rd Eye, and ending up in the Enchanting Crown Chakra, will make for a night of Uncharted Magic. ‘Magic’ is the Dress Code here.)


*Please come dressed up and ready to rock! 

*Please aim for 6.30pm arrival so that you can enter at 6.45pm! Face painting and mingling will happen on the stairs as you eagerly await the Kundi Club Doors to open! You will be warm. 

*Ceremony starts 7pm. Try not to be late! Sneaking in a little bit late is fine, just be quiet please darlings.

*If you need to leave a tad earlier than 9.45pm, that’s fine! We should wrap up around 9.30pm. 

*Please bring a big water bottle and a yoga mat and something warm for integration. 

*Extra snacks are welcome if you wish to add to the food platters and share food! YAY!!

*Parking- please park in huge, free, all day parking carpark, next to hall. Car pooling recommended.
*If taking train- post to event page or contact me, if you need a lift down. Its 6 min drive from Wollstonecraft Station. We will sort a lift for you!
*Drug and Alcohol Free Dance Party. Ie Natural Highs Only!
*Over 18’s Event.


There is no refunds by you can transfer your ticket into another persons name- no problem! Let us know! 



Master of Ceremony- Lynda Millin Osborne

Paint Arena and Vocals- Tara Louise

Ritual Theatre- Niki Kala, Tara Louise, Hayley Melrose

Kundi Yoga- Aimee da Roza

Kundi Dance- Hayley Melrose

DJ- Katie Veda Devi O'Neill

Meditation- Jason Fisher

Sound Healing- Zane Thompson and Aimee Da Roza


Greenwich Sailing Club
Venue is off O’Connell St, down Manns Point Boat Ramp. You will see it. Its the only ramp. Pop 'O'Connell St' into your 'maps'. Best way!
Venue on the water!
If lost- call me on 0420 648 602



Hayley Melrose is a bright, open, courageous, world traveling Soul Photographer and Sensuality Guide, based at the ‘Temple of Love’ North Gosford in Australia. 

Ten years ago she switched from her corporate job, to a life of photography, kundalini, healing, sensuality and modern shamanism.

Hayley guides people to work with their powerful life force energy, breath, sound and movement, through Soul Photography, Radical Intimacy, Kundalini Dance and Massage Rituals.

Her work is about nature, the elements, self-love, sacred union, devotion, embodiment, purification, pleasure, manifestation, surrender, confidence, wildness, transformation and deeply connecting to all of life. 

Hayley activates and energizes people in such a deep, yet playful way. People feel safe to explore, let go, express, and open up in sessions with Hayley. There is instant familiarity, trust, and presence. Every journey with Hayley is about being bathed in beautiful, blissful, healing energy. 

Hayley is a juicy, creative, empowered leader, encouraging fellow Soul Tribe to shake it out, step up and believe in magic. Her motto is that ‘Everything is Possible’. She loves to remind people that they are, ‘The Creators of Their Own Universe!’

Any questions?? Fire them to me! 

Hayley xx



*Whole Series $135 (By 1st July- Only 13 Available)


*Kundi ‘Jungle’- 15th July

Super Keen Bird- $50 (By 1st July- Only 13 Available)

Early Bird- $55 (By 8th July- Only 13 Available)

Late Bird- $60 (By 15th July- Only 13 Available)


*Kundi ‘Exotic’- 22nd July

Super Keen Bird- $50 (By 8th July- Only 13 Available)

Early Bird- $55 (By 15th July- Only 13 Available)

Late Bird- $60 (By 22 July- Only 13 Available)


*Kundi ‘Magic’- 29th July

Super Keen Bird- $50 (By 15th July- Only 13 Available)

Early Bird- $55 (By 22nd July- Only 13 Available)

Late Bird- $60 (By 29 July- Only 13 Available)


*Door Tickets- Cash Only- $65 (Only available if we have space. Best to grab your ticket online! Try to bring correct money!)

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