Archetypal Shoots

These shoots are the most popular. Men and Women, mainly Women, captured in their power, truth, sensuality, realness, rawness and uninhibited expression.

Its so refreshing to be held and encouraged like this, and the best is bought out of you on shoot day.

You also learn about different sides to your persona that have been hiding, and that might be ready to come out a play! For some its a rite of passage into a new chapter. Some ladies roll in the mud laughing and crying, some climb trees, some float in the water and merge with the universe, as I snap.

Its quite the wild, freeing, elemental journey, deep in the nature where no one is. You are the Star. You are the Queen. I am at your service. Transformation, liberation and the time of your life, guaranteed! Lots of music, paint, fun, and uncharted creative juiciness!

You also learn alot about owning it, confidence, self love, energy, embodiment, dance, and breath, as I become like a Guide for you in this special chapter..........but with a CAMERA! Its gold. Masterpieces comin' at cha, for social media and for your wall, so you remember each day how wonderful you are.

Hayley is a powerful, embodied, creative Earth Mother Creatrix! Her work is magical and like no other. Her work goes further beyond the actual photos. It's healing, it's medicine. It's hard to describe her work in words but in a nutshell my experience was; fun, liberating and transformational!

Before my shoot, I think I slightly underestimated how powerful it would be. But in hindsight, I now see that Hayley has a way of unlocking your true soul essence, that is deep within, but hidden away. I feel like she saw, accepted and captured THE REAL ME! Hayley created and held such an accepting, safe space for me to open up, be vulnerable, get wild and play, which is not always easy for me to do. I feel like new parts of me were discovered and old masks were released.

I walked away with so much, but in particular new levels of self love, self confidence and self acceptance. I didn't want my shoot to end. I'm in love with my photos and would do it again in a heart beat. I highly recommend booking a photoshoot with Hayley. You won't regret it.

With love and gratitude

Jayne Martin

Life Coach

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