Thought Leaders & Entrepreneurs

When I work with Thought Leaders and Entrepreneurs, I listen deeply as to what they are after, what they are about and what feeling or messages they want the images to speak. I learn all about their personality, mission, brand, colours, likes and dislikes with photography and desired styles of editing.

Whether the shoot is in warehouse, in a lane way, or at the beach, the shoot is tailored to the energy and vision of the client, and accurate 'stand out' portraits, are delivered every time.

My clients are then activated and ready after the shoot, to share their images through web, blog, facebook, and instagram.

The photo's convey their work and essence very clearly. I feel that when you can feels someone's soul through an image, this is what people are after. Truth, authenticity, joy, uniqueness and realness. And this is what I capture.

'I absolutely love them. You are amazing. Spot on for what I was looking for.'

Julie Masters
Founder/CEO Influence Nation

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