Spice Sessions are very sacred and transformative Sexual Empowerment Sessions, where you:
*Release blocks,
*Learn about energy and multiple orgasms,
*Learn the art of pleasure,
*See intimacy as a ritual, and
*Turn into a confident master lover.

It includes Kundalini Yoga and Kundalini Dance, Breathwork, Sound Work, Self Love Practices, Worshiping and Temple Rituals, Learning to Receive and Surrender leaving the mind behind, and A Journey of the Senses. Deeper work such as Lingam Massage, Yoni Massage and G Spot Meditation are on offer, if it feels right for you.


Spice Sessions are for Couples, or Men or Women. If you are bored, questioning your love life, or just curious to know if you can experience more in Intimacy, maybe this will be for you!! Lets connect an drop in together and have juicy chat about Intimacy.


More energy, a whole new outlook on intimacy, more sensitivity, healing, opening, expansion, liberation, increased intuition, increased manifestation powers, more confidence & your magic unleashed! Maybe you will attract a Tantric Partner to journey with!?


There is lots of thorough communication, and respect, with this sacred contract. Before the session we chat, after the session we chat, during the 1 Month Transformation Package, we chat regularly. This is a very delicate, extraordinary opening, you are about to embark on, and you will be held so lovingly.



Spice 8 WEEK Transformation

  • $2540 AUD (Couple or Single)
  • Includes 5 Calls in between sessions that are Pre, During, and After- Half an Hour Check in Calls
  • And 4 x 3 Hour Spice Sessions- One Per FORTNIGHT

Spice Immersion (One Session)

  • $875 AUD (Couple or Single)

  • Includes a Call Prior and a Call After, Half Hour Calls,
    And one 4 Hour Session

My experience with Hayley was special in many ways. I wasn’t expecting much or maybe I was trying not too? Either way, the result was beyond those nervous 'there/not there' expectations.

It was a very cosmic experience and alot of healing around my sexuality, emerged out this highly therapeutic session! It was totally pure, genuine and liberating. I felt an innocence, looking at sexuality without expectation, want or guilt.

It felt like the perfect Tantric outcome in the very, old traditional sense of the philosophy. Hayley is a modern Sensual Alchemist who shares her ancient wisdom, with so much passion and love. Much gratitude.


The Spice Session that my partner and I had with Hayley was an incredibly special, healing and insightful experience.

I hadn’t realized how much I had shut down aspects of my sexuality and personal power until this Spice Session. Hayley held a really sacred and respectful space for us, which allowed deep healing to unfold for me.

Since our session, I have felt more empowered and confident within myself, and a lot more connected with my partner. Furthermore, a feeling of openness, excitement and lighthearted joy has returned to my life.

A spice session with Hayley will spice up your relationship with yourself, and your beloved and will teach you how to be sensual and intimate with all aspects of life.

I most definitely would recommend Hayley to anyone wanting to expand in this area of themselves.


The reason we chose Hayley Melrose to do a Couple’s Intimacy Session with us, was because we felt very comfortable with her and how she holds the sacredness of intimacy in such high regard. She not only has a great way to explain what she talks about but she also embodies what she says in her every day life.

We felt very safe in her guided session which was a playful mix of fun and exploration of sexuality, reconnecting with my own senses, as well as connecting with my partner at a new depth we had both never experienced. I would recommend it, to any couples or singles, wanting to get back their zest in their relationship and those who are willing to be open to new things.

Since then, we have found, both myself and my partner feel more love, more open communication and our relationship feels deeper and more light hearted. Hayley’s ability to hold space in such a sacred way was such a beautiful experience. Thank you Hayley. I love your work.




After studying and practicing Tantra and Shamanism for 10 years now, I have realized that guiding Couples and Singles into a world of Deeper Intimacy, is one of my greatest gifts. I love teaching about the Art of Eros, the Energetics of Intimacy, about the the Senses, Devotion, Presence, Surrender and Alchemy. Why wait for one tiny orgasm, when the whole experience can be one giant, orgasmic, rejuvenating, ecstatic experience? I feel the world needs more love, less rushing, better communication, more self love and embodiment. Becoming a more confident lover, full of energy, is a gift that flows through all areas of your life. Sexual energy is so natural, beautiful, and should be expressed, not hidden! I am here as your trusted guide, to hold space for your transformation, nurture you and empower you. Together we will get real about things, and clear out whats not serving, and call in an even healthier, deeper, more exciting, Intimate Life!


I have done this Healing Work for many lifetimes. But in this life...my Studies were in the Tantric and Shamanic 'Kundalini Dance' Teacher Training In Bali for 5 Weeks, The Satya Loka 'Traditional Hatha Yoga and Traditional Tantra' Teacher Training in India for 4 weeks, Level 1 of Ista, Sexual, Shamanic Temple Arts School, and the Taste of Love Weekend with Ista also. I read alot of books by David Deida, Margot Anand, and Diane and Kerry Riley. But mainly the best experiences, have come through diving in to Tantra, with my loving Partners over the last 10 years. I feel very blessed. So much comes through, with practice.

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