"Peeling away the limitations of the mind, old beliefs and stories, allows you to rest in your individual radiance. This becomes a gift of deep remembering. Each journey uplifts you to new heights, new insights and some say they feel reborn. It is my privilege and honour to co-create magic with you. Merged with my passion and purpose, I am a clear vessel to mirror truths and guide transformation in people's lives. Ultimately, I inspire people to heal through movement - in all areas of my work."

~ Hayley Melrose ~




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Hayley is a dynamic facilitator who holds a powerful space for people to transform their lives through her kundalini dance, shamanic photography and stone ritual. She is an absolute gem to work with - her passion, enthusiasm and commitment to her craft make her stand out in her field.

She also continues to undertake international study in practices that develop her skills as a facilitator, photographer and artist. Hayley is an extremely gifted and charismatic woman with an enormous heart and I absolutely adore her.

I would recommend Hayley as an individual, facilitator and photographer - to anyone who is looking for someone to deliver high quality, depth of care and passion in their work. This woman is going places - the world stage!

Beata Alfoldi


She danced with soul, with conviction, with relentless passion, devotion, growth and love. She opened to her truth, so to be of service, to open the truth of others through Kundalini Dance, Stone Healing and behind the Lens of Creation itself (with her Photography), to bring magic to form in how she sees the heart of those she touches. Hayley is a creative being, living in her divine feminine, sharing, facilitating and teaching her magical alchemy to those willing to transform and connect to resonance of the Great Mother herself.

With Love ,Respect & Kindness

Donna McCormick

Whether it be through photography, massage or dance - Hayley can instinctively draw the 'wildness' out of you. In a society that demands each of us to be like a 'controlled candle flame', being around Hayley feels like playing with matches without any damage control.

This is especially essential for men who deep down, feel ostracized for expressing their wildness. It’s a refreshing change that Hayley demands, a change that needs to be awakened in dormant men to reach their full potential.

Kaushik Ram

I've had Hayley photograph me, give me a hot stone massage and have joined her kundalini dance sessions. They are all unique individual ways of healing. Our photography session felt like my wedding day, she made me feel very special and went above and beyond what I thought it would be. 

Extremely professional, earthy, free and expressively creative. She discovers sides of you that you didn't know existed, in the Shoot!

Hayley's Kundalini dance needs to be experienced by every person on this planet. Explosive, sexy, sensual, healing, moving. Wow! Incredible! 

It's hard to describe the indescribable, it's an experience like no other. I regularly see Hayley for Stone Massage because this beauty has and continues to change and evolve my life in many unexpected ways. 

Rachel Barry

I can't even remember the exact thread that led me to Hayley, it just happened and I resonated with her work immediately. The Healing Massage treatment with her before the Kundalini Series was amazing. I was in a state of bliss for hours after. Her nurturing energy and the space she held, made it easy to let go of expectation and just enjoy the moment.

The Kundalini series blew my mind, so many people caught up in Hayley's vibrant energy is an atmosphere you would have to experience to believe.

I loved the expression so much that I booked a photoshoot to capture the essence of the shift I experienced and the photos perfectly matched the journey I took during that 6 week adventure, every expression captured with perfection. What an experience!!! Thank you, AMAZING woman!!

Richard Astle