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Elemental Magic Retreat
2 days and 2 nights, camping on 4 acres of pristine, sacred land, on the Central Coast, 1hour and 15min from Sydney. 18 magical humans will come together to move, be still, listen, pray, sweat, get real, let go, play and get wildly creative in nature.

Doing our inner work for ourselves, our families, our tribe, the collective. Our energies combined creating ripples of positivity, pure love and ecstasy across the globe, at this potent time on earth.

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What this journey includes:

*7 delicious, nutritious meals, to fuel our bodies for the experience of a lifetime- Vegetarian and Meat Options
*A facilitated weekend of Meditative, Modern Shamanic, Tantric and Kundalini Workshops, by Jason Fisher and Hayley Melrose, with lots of free time too, to play, chat, rest and integrate
*A soulful mix of Meditation, Core Energetics and Group Process Work, Kundalini Dance, Yoga, "Becoming Art" Group Photo Experiences, Massage and Bodywork Journeys
*A journey through the Elements Earth- Root Chakra, Water- Sacral Chakra, Fire- Solar Chakra, and Air- Heart Chakra
*A journey to Wholeness: balancing masculine and feminine, light and dark, celebrating sovereignty, sensuality and freedom! Coming home to yourself, in these busy, crazy times
*Learning to really trust yourself, back yourself, and follow your Guidance. Opening into Body Mind and Spirit. *Healing through the Elements, balancing Inner Inquiry with Outward Expression, coming into your Embodied, Confident, Compassionate, Unconditionally loving Leadership, and Deepening in Union with self, others, and Nature
*Healing through breath, sound, movement, and stillness
*An alcohol and drug free event, to explore natural highs! We are the Medicine
*Tribal Camping Experience, bringing your own tents, and being close to the land
*A Framed and Mounted 11 by 14 Inch "Group Soul Photography” PRINT to keep and treasure, to have the power of this retreat, as a memory on your wall!
*Showers and Toilets available in the main Temple Home

How the Journey looks- Leaving some room for Surprises:

Friday 6th November

Arrival between, 5.30pm and 6.30pm to set up tents!
Opening Ceremony 7-8pm
Dinner 8pm

Saturday 7th November

Morning Meditation. Morning Hike- Music speakers come with us! Into the wild we go, to the bush next to Jason’s. Opening of the directions, sacred ceremony, Root Chakra Processes and Primal Kundi Dance, dancing our Animal. Tribe, Belonging, Protection, Grounding, Abundance, Health, Releasing Fear, Abandonment, Mistrust and Worry. Element of EARTH. Group photo capturing the WILDNESS!!


Sacral Journey where the 2 rivers meet. Group Processes and Dance, Exploring Healthy and Sacred Sexuality, Sensuality, Creativity, Vulnerability, Releasing Guilt and Shame. Element of WATER. Finale is a cleanse at the Beach nearby and a splash in the Ocean! Group Photo, capturing the prayer for the Waters!

Lunch and Free Time

Sacred Story Time and Sacred Wound Fairytale Healing/Shadow/Writing Exercise.
Solar Plexus Extravagaza! Time to step up into our full POWER. Shared power. Teamwork. Believing, Focus, Direction, Manifestation, Fiery passion, Will, Determination, worked into Group processes and Dancing around a FIRE!!! Fiery theatrics! Costume, expression, and embracing our BIGNESS! Merging with higher self, uninhibited, strong, yet soft. Time to paint each other, embrace the warrior, warrioress. Healthy boundaries. Letting go of doubt, perfection, comparison! Group FIRE PHOTO! Celebrate into the night! Dinner around the fire. Song, Giggles, and Festival Vibes!

Sunday 8th November

Meditation, Breath and Yoga


Devotional Heart Workshop with Group Processes, Massage, a Journey of the Senses, and a Kundi Heart Dance. Gratitude, harmony, compassion, openness, trust, safe to love and be loved, giving and receiving love, surrender, acceptance, forgiveness. Being with rejection, achey heart, soaring heart, denial, betrayal, and embracing all of the highs n lows of the powerful heart center. Visionary Group 'HEART ACTIVATED' Photo Finale!


Honouring process. Intentions and sharing. Moving forward, what are the main takeaways?
GIFTING CIRCLE (bring your little gift wrapped up!)
Closing Ceremony
Writing to Integrate.

Free time

Early Dinner

Pack down TENTS. 5pm-7pm and leave the magic land, refreshed and inspired for the next chapter!


*Address to be provided VIA email 1 week before RETREAT
*Framed Print to collect from Charring Cross Photo Waverly or from the Retreat Location on Central Coast- after retreat
*Bring- Water bottle (Filtered Water Available), Yoga Matt, Comforting Pillows, Blankets, Warm Clothes, Rain Jacket, Gumboots if you like, Walking Shoes, Swimming Gear, Towel, Snacks if you feel, A $10-$15 Gift for gifting circle, Tent, and Bedding

*OUTFITS- Comfy Dance Clothes……...

ROOT- EARTHY COLORED CLOTHES, Red Brown Black. Warrior Look. Animal look.
SACRAL- Flowy OUTFITS, ORANGE clothes if you have, Sensual, Free. Wear what makes you feel empowered in your sexuality! Lace, Leather? Go 4 it! (Cosie's or boardie's for beach)
SOLAR- Feathers, Fur and Wild Costumes for the Solar Plexus! YELLOW IS THE SOLAR COLOUR!! (if you have)- RED ORANGE BLACK ALSO COOL! (No Native American Indian Headdresses)
HEART- WHITES, CREAMS, PINKS, GREENS if you have! Wings are welcome! Flowy fabrics welcome.
Do what you can here! No pressure! Enjoy the process!

*Journal and Pen


We are following Covid-19 safety guidelines. Due to the current restrictions we have tailored all our events to the current safety requirements.

* 20 people will be the max, honoring safe distancing between each participant

* We require you to wash your hands before entry or utilize the hand sanitizer available in our premises

* Our Movement & Dance classes apply with social distancing measures

* Please do not attend or make any bookings if you carry any symptoms of Covid-19

*We are making every effort to keep the space sanitized and clean

* We ask you to please support us and practice these safety measures for the period of current restrictions

* Be kind to yourself & others while respecting the space as you immerse in our world

*We will be checking in with everyone re: current health status just before the retreat

*Please chat to us on the phone about all of this before you grab a ticket


Honoring the Ancestors
Safety to feel, express, be you
Worship, devotion, nurturing, healing
Reading the energy
Respecting Boundaries
Owning It
Brave spirit
Gentle spirit
Adventurous spirit
Allowing fun, joy and laugh till you cry moments!
Uplifting one another
Elevation and Celebration
Confidentially- sacred biz at retreat, vulnerable and personal shares etc, stay on retreat!


Send us an expression of interest- ONLINE at www.hayleymelrose.com/retreats
A chat on phone with Hayley or Jason prior to booking, essential
Hayley- 0420 648 602- zarzeemelrose@gmail.com
Jason- 0414 734 208- activelyzennow@gmail.com



Bookings via https://www.hayleymelrose.com/product/elemental-magic-retreat/



4 Tickets- Super Keen Bird- $499- Available till 25th September or until they Sell Out. Get in quick!
6 Tickets- Early Bird- $599- Available till 16th October or until they Sell Out.
8 Tickets- Late Bird- $699- By Retreat Date, 6th November or until they Sell Out.

Upfront Payments Available and Deposits Available- Half Upfront, and Half Just before Retreat. All payments go through this site. Receipts are sent through the site to your email. Reminders are sent for second payments also.


Cancellation Policy

If you purchase a ticket and are unable to attend, we ask you tell us, 2 weeks prior to the event, so we can fill your spot. A full refund will be given, if things come up for you. We are only calling in people who can be fully present for the magic, and understand that things happen also!


Hayley Melrose, is a bright, open, courageous, world traveling Soul Photographer and Sensuality Guide, based on the Central Coast, in Australia. 10 years ago she switched from her Corporate Job, to a life of Art, Kundalini, Healing, Sensuality and Modern Shamanism.
Hayley guides people to work with their powerful life force energy, breath, sound and movement, through Soul Photography, Radical Intimacy, Kundalini Dance and Massage Rituals.

Her work is about nature and the elements, self love, sacred union, devotion, embodiment, purification, manifestation, surrender, confidence, wildness and deeply connecting to all of life. She nurtures others through transitions, creating safety to let go of blocks, and feel fully alive and empowered, so that they can be the creators of their own universe!


Jason Fisher, is a gifted transformational life coach, bodyworker, therapist and healer.

Jason integrates and embodies over 30 years of personal and professional practice in yoga and meditation, remedial massage, and core energetics psychotherapy. He has travelled the world extensively, studying different cultures and ways, and has a grounded wisdom that serves the present moment.

Jason offers unique and specialised private sessions for individuals, couples, families, or workshops/retreats for groups or corporate teams.

Jason works towards balance, unification, and empowerment of Body, Mind, Spirit, and environment. From this place of truth Jason encourages people to discover and follow their heart, intuition, and highest intentions.

Holding space is a way of life for Jason, practically supporting people to open to their own greatness, joy and love. Realness, care, peace and fun are his gifts!



Can’t wait to journey with you!! A lot of love, listening and organic unfolding, has paved the way for this co-creative RETREAT. We are thrilled to have you!!

Hayley and Jason are a combined force of nature. Hayley bringing the energy of the Snake, Transformation, Sexuality, and Shedding the Skin. And Jason bringing the Eagle Medicine, with Vision, Knowing and Truth. Together we are a dynamic combination of heart, loving communication, earthy cosmic magic, stillness and movement, creative life force in dreaming and action, moving through chaos with grace, embodying passion, peace, and living life fully!

After the RETREAT!!!

There will be follow up calls from Hayley and Jason, to see how you're traveling.

There will be Special “One to One Massage, Journey Work and Individual Photo Offers’ for RETREAT SOUL FAMILY after retreat.

BOOKINGS via https://www.hayleymelrose.com/product/elemental-magic-retreat/


Terms and Conditions for Photo and Video on Retreat


Soul Photography by Hayley Melrose


I understand I have the option to let Hayley know on the Retreat Weekend, if I am not feeling comfortable with Photo and Video. I will watch for those parts, or participate but not go near the camera. I am aware that there are only a few parts where Photography and Video will happen, and that it's going to be a fun photo experience, working in a group way with Hayley in nature! 

I am aware there may be an extra Photographer/Videographer, but he will mainly be focusing on a few large group shots, and shooting the facilitators, and there will only be a few key moments where this will be happening. 

I am aware that this is a Retreat to flow with the group energy, be wildly creative, and fully express myself with confidence! I know Hayley’s work is potent, tasteful, and soulful, and it inspires the viewers to open, celebrate and own it! I know Hayley is very in tune when it comes to energy, sensitivity, group processes, and the right time to capture the moment! I am aware the main focus of the Retreat is transformation, journeying, and fun, with No Camera. 

I understand these images are part of the Photographer Hayley Melrose’s Soul Craft Portfolio. I understand this healing-art is medicine for me, everyone involved, and for the world to see and be inspired by. I give the photographer permission to use, publish, and reuse any photographic portraits made of me, representing my own name, through any media and for whatever purpose the photographer chooses. This includes books, facebook, website, blog, instagram, video, or documentary.

I am aware, post retreat, I must collect my 11 by 14 inch Framed and Mounted, Masterpiece Group Photograph, from Charring Cross Photo Waverly or Hayley’s home in Nth Gosford. I am aware the frame is too delicate to send via post. 

I’m excited to be a part of the Medicine Photo Movement! 

And bring on the Elemental Magic Retreat!