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The Temple of Love Nth Gosford, will be opening its doors to 18 sweet, present and powerful Men And Women for each of the four journeys, this Winter and Spring.

4 unique, electric, nourishing, boutique Retreat Immersions, with natural high festival flavors, spread out fortnightly, on Saturdays 3.30pm-10.30pm.

*12 August- 3.30pm-10.30pm- “The Leopard Lounge” Root Chakra Temple Dance and “Sensory Awakening 4 Hand Massage Ritual”.

*26 August- 3.30pm-10.30pm- “Dripping Gold” Sacral Chakra Temple Dance, a “Journey of the Senses and Orgasmic Burlesque Ritual”, and “Feminine Mysteries Sensual Ritual Theatre.”

*9 September- 3.30pm-10.30pm- “Bovidae Boogie” Solar Chakra Temple Dance, “Taming and Unleashing the Beast plus Sensual Story Telling” and a “Male Submission Ritual Theatre”.

*23 September- 3.30pm-10.30pm- "The Sensual Heart Alchemists” go on an “Erotic Nature Adventure” plus a "Devotional Healing Ritual" will unfold.....

Calling out to the divine humans, who are ready for magic, nurturing, erotic learning and wild dance expression!

If you wish to purchase a few different nights in the one order, you can! Just press the ‘Add to Order’ button, after each selection! Then ‘Place Order’, when you’re done! The real “JUICE” is in the Whole Series!!



I believe Konektar is a word from the Hayley Melrose Dictionary.
*“Kundi” is short for “Kundalini”, which is your powerful life force energy, a serpent-like force at the base of the spine. When the energy wakes up through dance, yoga, meditation or intimacy, it moves through stagnant energy in the chakra system, leaving you feeling cleansed, alive and full of love.
*“Connect” means to become joined, and in this series we will deeply connect to self, others, nature and the universe.
*“Nektar” is an ancient Greek word for ‘nourishment of the gods’, and we are delighting in yummy feasting and aphrodisiac mocktails.
*“Nectar” is a sugary fluid within flowers that attracts insects, animals and bees. Through this Course we will fall into more love with self, ooze honey vibes, get clear and magnetize all that we deserve with ease.
*In Hindu Philosophy, there is a flow of nectar that releases hormones from the pituitary gland, bestowing health and longevity.
*The sacred female ejaculation fluid, is also known as Amrita or The Nectar of the Goddess.
So ….on that note….we have a potent, delicious, rejuvenating Kundi Konektar Series, coming right up!
Dancing, breathing, and sounding, along with engaging and releasing the pc muscle, pumps energy around the body, helping you to release what’s not serving, and glow from within! Kundi dance for me, has been a 10 year journey, sharing with communities around the world, and it’s a practice that I experiment with on the dancefloor and in the bedroom!
I am always amazed how people’s faces and body language change, after a sensual alchemy massage, a kundi dance, or a photo shoot with me! This is why I have created this Kundi Konektar Series, that blends all the secret sauces that I live by! This is a gorgeous balance of internal inquiry and outward expression, softness and boldness.
This word Konektar has been in my awareness for many years. There is a lot of heart, intention, beauty and thought weaved into this extraordinary journey. Every Kundi Series is transformative, healing, enlivening, revealing and magical beyond words. I’m excited to go deeper into the realms of sharing my Sensual Alchemy rituals and stories also, in this immersive ‘Retreat Day’ style. The Temple of Love is a sacred place, for ceremony, movement, massage, photo’s, fun, feasting, wild expression, learning, vulnerability, realness, comfort, warmth, growth and pure love.
18 special, unique, creative, sensual explorers, a mix of men and women, will be invited into the Temple of Love, on each of the 4 Retreat dates, this Winter and Spring. What’s about to unfold is a sacred, colorful, expressive, healing journey, through Ceremony, Dress Ups, Kundalini Dance, Sensual Alchemy Practices and some Photography/Filming.
You are welcome to drop in or even better, come to the whole SERIES! The whole series is where the deep, transformative, magic is at. You will still have an amazing and powerful time, if you drop into one event, or the few events that you can make!
*4 unique, electric, nourishing, boutique Retreat Immersions, with natural high festival flavors, spread out fortnightly, on Saturdays 3.30pm-10.30pm, 12 August, 26 August, 9 September, and 23 September. Lots of time to integrate the magic, and get excited for the next event!
*Lots of creativity and color, with a dress up theme each event. Feel the healing effects of “creating and embodying your character” for the night. We bring our dress up's in a bag this time, and transform our look together, doing each-others make up and fancy touches....tunes on! (Please note the temple has a no paint policy!)
*Set in the sensually alive, safe and cozy Temple of Love Retreat Home, in Nth Gosford, 1 Hour and 15 Min from Sydney CBD. Amazing sunsets over the mountains, pool, fireplace, lush comfort, inspiring artistic walls and the Rumbalara National Park all around us.
*Each event you will be welcomed with an Aphrodisiac Mocktail. It will be a warm concoction in the winter months and a cold refreshing elixir in the spring months.
*Fun, mini, group and solo Photo and Film Shoots each week, to express yourself and allow your character to be seen, leading to a 5-10 min Kundi Konektar Short Film CoCreation. Epic still captures to share with your network, sent after each event.
*A Journey through the Base, Sacral, Solar and Heart Chakra’s in the tantric, shamanic, Kundalini Dance Practice. A combination of breath, sound and movement, to move stagnant energy, and rest in love, sovereignty and infinite possibility.
*Lots of time to connect, chill, drop in deeply with like minded souls, along with amazing, healthy potluck dinners, where we all contribute as a team, and dine in front of the fire or on the deck.
*Devotional Spaces, to learn about deep relating, open the senses, do tantric practices and receive and give loving touch. Here we normalize talks about sexuality, share sensual stories, practice the art of orgasmic burlesque, receive sensual alchemy teachings and witness intimate, energetic, ritual theatre offerings.
*Erotic Nature Connection, Dance and Love/Self Love Rituals in the Bush, out the back of Hayley’s House!
*Complimentary Mini Film Unveiling Night, at the Temple of Love, date tbc.
*5-10 min Phone Calls/Questionnaire with Hayley pre ‘your booking’, for all people who are keen, BUT who are new to the temple and kundi, to assure a fully aligned, amazing group!



18 The Outlook, Nth Gosford. No parking in driveway. Please park outside on the street. Please spread cars over Statchon St, The Outlook, and Marangani Ave and WALK UP HILL. This will help us do our sacred work and not rattle the neighbors too much. Please note due to it being a residential area, the music will be loud, but not too loud, to respect the neighbors. House is at the end of the cul de sac, up a steep drive to the right. Please watch noise levels when arriving/leaving. If anyone was feeling like they shouldn’t be driving, they are welcome to stay. There are stay over ticket options in case you need it! Happy to provide breaky in the morning, to those that are here. Please note breaky is at 8am. Please note check out is 9am.


Please note, don't come dressed up. Please bring dress up's in bags. Please bring a sarong, a towel, cosies, board shorts (for the Spring events), a willingness to help out in the kitchen, a plate of food to share for the potluck dinner! If staying, bring some bedding. Plenty of mattresses, cozy rooms, corners, etc. Highly recommend Vinnies/Costume shops or borrowing items from friends for costuming. Or get creative with what you have, and add one bought key item, to rock your look! I will also have lots of bits and bobs!


Everyone is responsible for themselves. Everyone communicates clearly and lovingly. Everyone respects each other’s yes and no. Everyone agrees to no drugs, plants or alcohol, to stay on the same wave. If staying over, there’s no staying up, and keeping the house up, with noise. Everyone works well as a team.




$148 per Event

$188 for Event and Stay

$552 for The Series

$712 for The Series and Stay Over Each Event

If you have been to Kundi before, please contact me FOR A 10% OFF COUPON CODE!!! Text me here. 0420 648 602. This applies for any ticket. Thankyou for your ongoing love of me and kundi. Gratitude! Can't wait to see you all!!






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