Treat yourself to a Stone Healing Ritual


An ancient shamanic ritual in meditational journey work, using breath and sound to clear your energy field. The warm stones draw out physical and emotional tension, leaving you grounded, reset, and in your centre.

I include intuitive massage, placement and rubbing with the stones, reiki, hot towels and essential oils, into the most heart-warming treatment. Sound healing is a big part of the treatment with chimes, singing bowls, rattles and drumming to get your cells dancing and YOUR ENERGY MOVING. 

You’re energy will be uplifted, and you’ll leave grounded, cleansed and full of love. This is a very special experience, great if you need to let go, release emotion, or be reminded of the love within you. 

Whether you are an athlete, a mum, or an accountant, everyone loves the STONES!

Hayley's Hot Stone Massage is unlike anything I've experienced. A wonderful dance in spirit and sensational relaxation. Many times throughout I found myself in ecstatic waves of enjoyment and core healing. Afterwards I was literally on a cloud ready to expand the experience into welcoming the sweetest joys life has to offer.

Derek Rhode

The healing experience I had today Hayley was amazing, so nurturing, safe, allowing me to be more vulnerable to receive Love. As I continued to let go and trust in your soothing words and guidance, it opened a doorway for me to gently float deeper into mother earth. Experiencing even more Love and Strength in the divine masculine.

I am still feeling the ripple effects of my heart opening more to receive Abundance. I highly recommend Hayley for anyone who is open to feel and experience more Love, Joy and Abundance in their lives. 

Colin W

Just wanted to say thank you so much for my fabulous massage. You are absolutely superb, no doubt, the best massage I’ve ever had. You are very intuitive with your craft, and have exceptional technique.

I am one of your biggest fans, and I am raving to everyone I know about how fabulous your services are. I look forward to my next massage. Thank you again.

Zain Qureshi

You are both ethereal and grounded.
An artist, a wizard, a white angel fallen from somewhere.
You place your hot rocks with love and grace
on my bare back and erase all my fears.
You choose to smile, roll up your sleeves,
wear a scarf around your neck and just tune in.
You breath out your magic in the air,
you energise, you soothe, you heal.
You are a goddess, yes you are,
loved and blessed by those around.
Never doubt what you give out
because like you, very few there are.

Silvia Damiano



I studied with a Healer by the name of Natalie Joscelyne, Sydney, Australia, in Sacred Stone. I have done my Reiki Level 1. I also studied Lomi Lomi with Hawaiian Shamanic Bodywork, Canada. I get regular Healings, Massages and Body Work, so I am a constant state of learning, morphing my style, and expanding with my knowledge. I love making people feel special, held, loved, and I think this care is missing in many massage sessions. There is no medicare re-bait with this kind of massage. But this journey is so worth it. Great as a gift also.

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