Kundalini Dance is a tantric, shamanic, sound, breath and movement practice, to clear blockages within your 7 energy centers, or Chakras.

Kundalini is the serpent like, life force energy at the base of your spine, lying dormant. When this energy is awakened, you experience your energy in heightened, transcendental ways, awakening your untapped potential.

This is a potent dance to discover yourself, your inner lover, your inner warrior, and your own healing ability, within the group field. Working with the energies of Earth, the Divine Feminine, and the Sky, the Divine Masculine, we come into balance, harmony, self love and wholeness.

We learn to embody the Sacred Union within, with others, and with life. When you truly love yourself, and become so aware of yourself, you deepen your understanding of life. Manifestation, serendipity, and magic, become the ‘norm’. Out of the mind, into the body and heart, and tapped into the flow of energy.

Things start effortlessly coming to you, instead of having to try so hard. We learn about non attachment, letting go of judgement and expectation, releasing fear and doubt, and coming into compassion and understanding. Each chakra has a different function, flavour, essence, and its amazing to learn about them and feel whats going on within your energy field. When we clear out all the stagnant energy in the Kundalini Dance, we make more room within for love, creativity and positivity.

Kundalini Dance is about self development, embracing your shadow, connecting with your intuition, and rising into your full potential.

I facilitate all over the world. Right now I am based in Sydney with regular Kundi Dance, Kundi Club and Kundi Sisters Events.


Join Kundi Dance Online

7 Week Kundi Dance Online! 7 SUNDAY MORNINGS!!! How epic!

Whole Series or Drop In’s Available!!

Group Dance and Dress Up at Home- Sunday 11th July till Sunday 22nd August, 10am till 11.30am Each Sunday! Come at 9.45am to check in, say hi, and make sure we have your tech sorted. Easy peasy!

Kundi Bedroom Online Session 

For Solo or Coupled People- Transformational Rituals to Deepen in Love, Self Love, Sensuality, Healing, Breath, Sound, Energy, Communication, Forgiveness, Letting Go Practices, Tantric Practices and Union.
More Spirit, Magic and Ecstasy in the Bedroom. Yes please! It’s a super special gift to yourself or to your partner.

(An email will be sent on how to prepare for the session)

Dancing with Hayley for me was about gaining a new sense of self-expression and tapping into primal energy that was lying dormant. I felt inspired by Hayley’s energy to engage with others in new ways through kundalini dance.


Brent Carryer

I met Hayley over the 6 week Kundalini dance journey and this was the start of a transformation for me. Hayley attracts an awesome and supportive tribe wherever she goes. I also have my regular Stone Massage session with Hayley and it's been very healing working with Hayley's energy.

So a heads up people, once you meet Hayley, it opens doors to lots of fun, love, laughter, joy and dance. And that's when your true self shines bright!

Ann Sim

Even as a man who had done his share of expressive dance, I was taken into and beyond my edge at Hayley's Kundalini dance series - metamorphosis. Each week took me into a new place inside myself and I felt consistently like I'd taken the red pill and was spiralling down the rabbit hole of my own true nature.

Plus, it was fun, the partner exercises were meaningful, the music was great and the integration time at the end was really powerful.

Sam Martin

I had an amazing time. I love working with the chakra energy and the opportunity to work with them in such an embodied way helped me to understand them on a whole new level.

Each week I felt releases of old ways of thinking and being and brought in new energy. It left me feeling very balanced and I have felt the effects of it in the rest of my life too. Really transformational!

Julie Brett

‘Kundalini dance is an awesomely fun and surprisingly (for me anyway) healing experience. Very rarely in our day to day lives do we allow ourselves to express our primal, instinctual, sensual animal self. There’s a deep part of each of us men that’s just dying to break free of this unnatural structure that’s imposed on us by modern life and that we impose on ourselves. Kundi dance is a place to let that out.

Hayley is an amazingly connected, loving and inspiring facilitator who is a master of drawing your inner self out where you can face it, no longer allowing it to sit in the shadows and affect your life. I’ve never met a person so authentic in herself and so devoted to inspiring everyone she meets to heal and to grow.

Gus Rickard

Hayley's 8 week Kundalini series is completely transformational. I was searching for Kundalini to embrace my feminine side. I visualised a strong confident women with long dark hair & in a couple of weeks I met this vibrant creative woman & started the journey! Wow! Amazing the high from just one class lasts two days & the shifts that happen lift your vibration to exciting new levels. Gaining way more than I thought propelling my heart to love even more & more.

Nadia Cowell

Kundalini dance means so many things to me! I love to dance, and when I come to kundalini dance I come to bring my love of dance and take it inside of myself to discover, to uncover, to open up, to unravel and to deeply surrender to myself and my deepest places.

Not many spaces can hold these deep raw places, and I am grateful for Hayley for opening up such a solid and safe container for me to explore, to dance, to dive in and to express whatever I find on the journey. To be witnessed, held, encouraged by Hayley and the family of fellow kundi dancers, continues to bring me into a greater depth of self love and acceptance, emotional expression and a pure joy of being alive! The magic of Kundalini dance continues to ripple and transform my life! Am truly grateful!

Jackie Dodd

Hayley’s Kundalini will move you literally and metaphorically. Her passion and commitment to her path, are contagious, resulting in an engaging practice for all adults, any age or shape. Hayley’s energy, movement and talent creates a transformative movement experience and a form of deep, kinesthetic healing. Activate your PC Muscles, sniff, squeeze and sigh. Move, jump, twirl, shake, embrace and release with a YES YES YES!

Pauline Smith

Dance the wisdom of the chakras




I have been dancing all my life. Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Funk, and Hip Hop growing up. I love all dance! My dance training was in Bali with Leyolah Antara, the founder of Kundalini Dance. I feel blessed to be a conduit for this Kundalini Energy, and so grateful to Leyolah for birthing such a special, awakening journey, for all of us to thrive with. I have also studied with Ra lalita Dasi of Satya Loka in India, which was a Hatha Yoga and Traditional Tantra Course. Learning about Tantra and Shamanism, is a life long commitment for me, and each workshop in this field, and each person I meet in this arena, continually teach me and inspire me. Every series of Kundi Dance, feels like a whole new level. Its a practice that continues to grow you as a person each time. I have tried alot of transformational dance in my time. This is the most potent and magical ecstatic dance out there.

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