Soul Photography – Black Onyx Package


$1,500.00 AUD$1,640.00 AUD

Soul Portraits for Work and Play to activate your creative world and celebrate your unique essence!

  • 3 hr Shoot in Nature
  • 35 High Res images
  • Deposit Payment Options



Terms & conditions

Medicine Photographs

I understand these images are part of the photographer Hayley Melrose’s Soul Craft Portfolio. I understand this healing-art is medicine for me, everyone involved, and for the world to see and be inspired by. I give the photographer permission to use, publish, and reuse any photographic portraits made of me, representing our own names, through any media and for whatever purpose the photographer chooses. This includes inspiring exhibitions, selling prints, books, facebook, website, blog, instagram, video, or documentary.

I am entering this partnership because I see Hayley’s mission and heart. I see how she is uplifting her co-creators, promoting their craft, capturing their true essence, and giving such a unique experience. I love her work. I’m excited to be a part of the Medicine Photo Movement.
I understand Hayley shares a selection of Photographs with her network aswell, which also benefits me getting my wonderful message and energy out there to the world.

If certain pictures are too personal or not right for whatever reason, I just have to let Hayley know. I know I am in charge and Hayley is flexible, easy going, and at my service. I know that I will see all the final, edited images before any go on line, and discuss all. I understand all Hayley’s CoCreators are happy ones and that this Soul Contract is about conscious communication, understanding, trust and loving collaboration. I know I am in good hands.

Validity and Date Changes

All shoots are non-refundable. If it rains on the day, we will select another day to shoot. If its overcast or sun, we are on! If I need change the date, I need to give Hayley at least 48 hours notice. One date change only. Shoots are valid 6 months only.

Albums, Editing, Inspiration Shots

  • Final Images via a Meet up in person or via Post (with a memory stick). One album for the ‘Screen/Social Media with Watermark’ for Facebook, and One Album for ‘Screen/Social Media Without Watermark’ for Instagram and Websites, One album for Print Sizes. 3 albums total.
  • I understand its 1-2 weeks turn around for images.
  • As these photographs are visionary art, caught by the photographer’s keen eye, I understand changes to the images, isn’t possible. If I am needing any changes, an extra small fee will be charged, depending on extra time for editing. I trust Hayley’s work and understand that I don’t choose the shots, and that her selections are part of her creative process. I know all Hayley’s customers are happy ones, and I am investing in her mastery, artistic vision and intuition
  • I will advise if I have certain ideas with editing
    I WILL SEND REFERENCE/INSPIRATION SHOTS FROM THE INTERNET to before the shoot, as a kind of Vision board, so Hayley can get the feel for the Shoot
  • Editing is natural, crisp, popping eyes, soften lines a little, no major photo shop retouching or erasing of lines or wrinkles etc. Authentic, emotive, real, lively, getting the energy right at the time, is the way!


  • I understand costuming and props is up to me mainly but Hayley will be there to advise and help too. I am excited to get creative, go to Opp Shops, $2 Shops, borrow from friends, or Hire from Costume Shops. Or just use the amazing things I already have!
  • I understand we can involve a Make Up and Body Artist at any stage at an extra cost. This money will be paid direct to the Make Up Artist. I understand Hayley is also masterful at this, and with her makeup and mine we can create magic! Hayley will bring paints on the day.


I will use un-watermarked shots for Printing, Instagram and on my Website and put a credit to Hayley Melrose, or a link to her website, somewhere visible on my site, if possible. I will post the Watermarked shots to facebook sporadically, maybe with some lovely words and tag Hayley, ie Soul Photographer- Hayley Melrose. I understand Profile pictures on FB, and Instagram Pictures are square in shape, so the watermark for Hayley’s branding, won’t be visible, so I’ll be sure to credit at the side of the image, to Hayley. Ie Soul Photographer- Hayley Melrose, so it all looks very professional, and onlookers know who the Photographer is.

Cross Promotion is the key, as I know Hayley will be doing the same. I give Hayley permission to put words and quotes next to the images also. I will let her know my favourite quotes or poems, or any specific words that relate to my story, my journey, my mission. I will do this prior to the handover of the pictures. Hayley can also send the specific images and post words, for proof reading also, prior to posting, if needed. I just have to let her know.