Yoga & Dance

Yoga and Dance are two of my favourite things! I love capturing movement. Its so poetic. And with my keen eye for emotion, colours, motion and expression, I will capture the most stunning images for your work.

These pictures will uplift your Social Media Pages, and make you stand out in your field. I ask many questions to get to know you and your ideas, and we stir a magic brew from there.

On the day Spirit works through us, providing images way beyond what our minds could have imagined. Its my privilege to snap your radiance, your vitality and your light. These images will speak a thousand words to your viewers.

My aim to create artworks that jump of the screen and into people's hearts, leaving such a lasting impression. Whether we are in a Studio or on a Cliff, lets do it! Can't wait!

'You captured our everything'.

Velan and Adya

Sacred Seed

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